We all hit bumps in the road of life . . . choosing to live a happy life is up to you.

Join me on a journey of choosing happiness in every day.

Follow my personal journey, my hope is that you find inspiration and encouragement from this page. My blog will chronicle a lot of life’s hiccups and how I choose to find happiness even in the dark days. This page will also connect you to my community of amazing women who share a love of fashion and accessories! I use my boutique to help women feel confident and beautiful every day!


Come along with me as we find ways to choose to live a happy life every day. I promise to include organization and favorite recipe tips too!


Clothes should make you feel good, confident and make you happy. Finding clothes that can do that is life changing. This brand has changed my life!


If you like accessories, I’ve got you!
Make up and nails, I’m your girl!
I promise to share fun ways to add a little extra happy to your days!

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